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Not sure what to do


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So I'm male and my best friend is female. We constantly are talking, either online, texting, or in person. The problem is that I'm interested in dating and having a relationship with her, but I'm not sure if she feels the same way. Here are why I think she likes me and why I think she doesn't.


Why I think she might like me:

1. She sleeps in my bed with me an average of 5 nights of the week.

2. There has been occasions where we made out while being sober (but the topic is NEVER mentioned).

3. She tells me that her parents want to meet me because she is constantly talking about me around them.

4. She always tells me that I'm the most awesome person she knows and that no one else can make her laugh the way that I do.


Why I think she might not like me:

1. She is constantly talking about other men around me. For example, she gives friends nicknames like "My future husband". She also has been talking recently about how she can't wait for spring break so she can hook up with some Latin dude.

2. She has slept in the beds of other people (snuggle buddies), but I don't think she has ever made out with them.

3. There is another guy who she used to have a HUGE crush on that is now starting to show interest in her.

4. I'm blonde, and she says that she could never really see herself dating a blonde guy.

5. Her last boyfriend cheated on her so now she says she's "too messed up for relationships".


If it was any other girl, I would just go ahead and ask her out but she's my best friend. If I ask and I'm wrong, then I'll most likely never be able to speak with her the same way again and I really don't want to lose that friendship. What do you guys think? Does the evidence point to whether or not she likes me? Should I take the risk and ask?

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Sounds, women say one thing and then do the opposite all the time. Esp when they are young. Try talking about other women to her and dating a bit but occasionally playfully flirting without asking for more.


By the way, this girl is an emotional nightmare on heels and I highly advise you rethink getting involved with her.

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