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Going nuts here..


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I'm totally lost now. You may have read my previous post about my new gf of 2 weeks now, and it has been crazy to say the least. I think i'm about ready to call it quits. But why not come here first and post my thoughts to strangers, you guys and gals seem to know more than I do.


Dating my gf seemed great at first. We really liked each other, we wanted to be with each other, all that good stuff. But the more I hang around with her, the more I get to see why she has'nt found a good relationship. It seems as if we are constantly fighting about stupid stuff. One day we are fine, saying nice things to each other, the next day I say the wrong thing to her and she gets mad and it turns into an argument. Its almost unbelieveable to me, to be dating 2 weeks and its a complete mess. Somehow I dont think this will last any longer. Any pearls of wisdom you can give me?

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2 weeks and issues.. run brother run. - all i know is that i have had 2 short term relationships 1 month each, and 2, 2 yr relationships.. sometimes you just know and its better to get out before she gets too committed or before you get to committed

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