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Is she playing hard to get? Or am I getting my hopes up for nothing?


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We broke up like 2 weeks ago because I had been an Ahole for a while and she couldn't take the stress anymore. Her friends told her to do it. Since then, I told her I'd give her space. We are on a "break" until I move back to California - which I should mention I'm partly doing because of her. Then she texted me on new years. Since then we've been talking regularly. At least once a day. Usually it's she who calls or IMs me, and when it's me, it's because she asked me if I would call.


We are friendly and she says she's happy with things. We joke around a lot. She talks about doing things with me when I get back, like going out for dinner, shopping, etc.


Sometimes we joke and talk about having sex, especially the last two nights. She says we can do it in her new apartment and stuff, and asks me to go to a sex shop with her, and to try new things, and then talks about other, more intimate details until, suddenly, she will say, "stop . . . we're talking things slow . . . i mean . . . we'll see what happens."


Is she trying to play hard to get, or is she still too conflicted, and I'm getting my hopes up for nothing?

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What do you mean? She's with someone else already?


And when she says happy, she means with the direction our relationship is heading . . .


We also have plans for Sunday night, for her birthday. I'm assuming she wants to get involved again, because she doesn't call us broken up, she'll say we're "involved" or "dating" w/e that means.

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It actually sounds like your on the right track if your planing to get back with her. Of course she would wanna take it slow this time, it's better to be sure it's the right thing to do then rush back into a relationship and have it end the same way it did the first time. She's just being cautious, I don't blame her, it's the smart way to approach it.

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sex shop.. definatly heading in a positive direction... testing you, and she is getting caught up in the moment and then realises she wants to play it cool and take it slow.

sounds like she doesnt want to come accross as a push over, and wants to make you think she wants to go slow. where in her mind it sounds like its all you?

congrats mate. sounds like a winner.

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