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Reading the signs from a shy girl

Stuffy Nose

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There's this girl I'm very much into, but she's shy and so am I. As if that weren't bad enough, I hardly ever see her although we live in the same building (dorm).


I gave her a Christmas present, thinking it was probably the most obvious sign of "I like you" there could be, since we rarely speak. I left it with her roommate, because she wasn't there, and I had to leave for home, but when I got home I found an email from her, calling my gift "extravagant," and making it seem like I bought her a car, when it was just a teddy bear.


I've returned to school and it turned out she got me a gift too. She emailed me asking me to come over whenever I could, and I did a day and a half later, when I had summoned enough courage. It turned out it was a bracelet, which I actually like, although I wasn't expecting to.


So there are tons and tons of questions I have for anyone willing to interpret what, if anything, there things mean, but I'll only ask the general ones, and spare any help the trouble of reading, but I will more than gladly ask if anyone's willing.


So here it is:

The gift was obviously not extravagant, it was a teddy bear I thought was especially cute, and she strikes me as someone who would like that. Does the outright ridiculous praise and thanks mean anything? (I think it may not because she's such a nice person)


I may be stretching this one, but does her asking me to go over to her room for my gift indicate that she's shy about coming to mine? (she's generally shy, so it might not mean anything; also, we're very close, so it's not the distance)


Although there are tons and tons more, I don't want to scare any willing helpers off with a very long post, so this is all for now. I've been drooling over this girl for months now, so I'd really appreciate any input and advice whatsoever, even if it's not what i want to hear.

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I know she is shy, but I don't know if I'm reading too much into that. The problem with making it very explicit that I'm interested in her (besides the fact that it's hard for me), is that I already tried before, only to receive mixed signals from her. Some days I'd be sure she was interested too, and others that she was trying to make clear that she wasn't. Eventually I found out that she was interested in someone else at that time, so that's probably why.


Now, though, I'm completely clueless.

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You might be reading too much into it. I'm shy and one time a guy bought me things for a while and I knew he liked me (I wasn't interested). I think I probably got him something in return at some point (I've got a bad memory and it was 5 yrs or so ago). He wasn't my type, I just got him a present back because he'd got me one. I don't think her saying it's 'extravagant' means anything either. How big was the teddy? Was it one that looked big and expensive like it actually cost a bit?


I don't think her asking you to go to pick up the present means anything. I would say it indicates she's lazy and it's just easier for her to get you to come and pick it up.


Not saying she's not interested, but I don't think what you've got so far are signs of interest.

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Ok, coming from a very shy girl I would say that she wouldnt get you anything if she wasn't interested, she would want you to know that she definetely WASNT and wouldn't reciprocate. Also, I wouldn't ask you to my room if I didn't want to see you - that's personal space man and she wants to be in control of any interaction. Of course, saying this, this is totally how I would react and not necessarily the way that she would! Good luck!!

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Oh... lunch/breakfast can be good cause it's during the day and stuff. Less nerve wracking for me, anyway. lol!


Also, you can branch off and do a movie after the meal. Or, you can skip the one-on-one if you don't think you guys can have a steady convo for the length of a meal--do an activity instead? Squash at a community centre? If she and you are into sports?

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It's been awhile since any real interaction with her now, though I've been trying so hard. It seems she's never around when I have the courage to speak to her, but when I randomly bump into her, I'm not ready for it, and blunder.


I really just want to talk to her, but I don't know how to approach it; I never get a chance.


The weekend is coming up, though, and I've been feeling very courageous. I've also made sure that she sees me wearing the bracelet (childish as that may be).

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Seeing as how I can hardly even talk to her, it's hard to ask her out. However, somethngwrng, making it pretty obvious might just be what I need to do.


I started today, taking the only chance I'd get to talk to her probably for the next few days. Even if it doesn't work out, I guess she would like the compliment, right? I certainly do when I get hit on, but does it work that way for women too?

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