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Whats my play here? Should i even bother?


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Back in october my ex called me on the phone (im away at school) and told me she couldnt keep doing this anymore and she had to cut her losses. Later i found out there was another guy who was 27 (shes 19) and he lives n toronto (she lives in rochester) So after 14 months of dating her and everything being fine and dandy three 3 daysbefore that i flipped out at her told her she was a * * * * * for cheating on me and she is becoming her mother (she hates her mom) At which point she told me to !@#$ off. It was a little hard for me for awhile and i had alot of problems to work thru as this is not the first time a girl has cheated on me. But after about a month or so i was doing ok i was hanging out with new people and everything was great and still is. Ive hooked up with a few people since then and im happy being single.


I saw my ex yesterday for the first time since we broke up in october she was at work (wegmans) and i felt a pair of eyes glaring at me with a nice healthy death stare and sure enough it was her. I pretended not to notice and just kept going about my business. Then i sorta started laughing because i thought it was funny that she was still pissed at me. I think my reaction was pretty justified at the time and i had every right to be upset and if anyone should be mad its me. She wanted this not me.


So i started thinking about it and really debated just sending her a text saying something like hey im not pissed anymore but if you wanna keep being pissed at me go right ahead but if you ever wanna be friendly and say hello im not pissed anymore. i knew i would be the one who would extend the olive branch first if ever. Should i do this or should i just let her be a * * * * * and ruin forever what was a good relationship for a long time? Im really torn on what is the right answer

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There's always the "what should I have said" approach.


Although I don't blame you... Personally when I'm upset I go really quiet... when I'm hounded a lot I get really stern.



I probably would have said the same to any of my ex's, although with what I have now I'd try to figure it all out. I can't afford to loose my fiancee

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