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The cure for the break up blues

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I had a very difficult day today...thinking constantly about my ex, what I can do to get her back and why its over. Well I loaded some of the most intense songs on my ipod and ventured to the gym and did a full hour of cardio as hard as I could go the entire time. I felt all of my emotion sweating out of my body and it felt amazing. I recomend it to any one who is looking for a short release of all the pain you are feeling. I can't say that right now I feel as good mentally, physically yes, but thought wise no. But for that hour I had clarity. I guess if I keep on doing this day in and day out I should be ready for a marathon by april. Let me know if anyone else does this as a way of venting.

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Get a rebound LoL



i was going to say that.


but feelings are easily transfered to someone new.

i worked out heaps when i broke up with my ex. - Major beneifts.

Feel Better

Look Better

Get more attention from the opposite sex.


and honestly. why did you break up again? there must have been a reason. and then it might not be "what can i do to get back with my ex". think what can i do to better myself and make myself happier again. become independent, no need for that other person. rely on your friends for what your ex use to do.. - just not sex lol.

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Well, not really a "cure" per se, but good enough. In the long run you will also feel (and probably look) better too, just by having worked out. Who knows, you may even meet some equally lonely cutiepie while you're at the gym.


There's also an added bonus: your body doesn't like being worked strenuously, so eventually it might learn not to become physically agitated whenever some stray thought of her crosses your mind.

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