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Turned down excellent opportunity


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Hello, i declined a fantastic job offer yesterday, it was like some survival mechinism kicked and said "dude, actually your happy where you are, yeah its not pefect in a money sense, but your settled,great friends, working dogs & mountains to climb and community responsiblities - why move?" So i declined the job within an a few hours of the offer, where i was accepted out of ~50 applicants.


Today I wonder whats wrong with me, am i too settled and not prepared to change. The job was same as field what am doing currently(IT), but in different town just as spectacular by the mountains - where my interests are. I wondering if something is wrong with me actually.


any thoughts?

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not at all. its hard to change so much. are you or would you be moving alone? i take it so... and that is really hard to do. doesnt me you cant do it neither must you do it. id say it just wasnt right for you this time. nothings wrong with you no worries. keep the faith and try again. youll do it when you are ready. if you think you need some pushin then go read stuff or look at stuff and help psyc urself up for it but dont be let down if something happens.







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Not wanting to change jobs during economic hard times is understandable. If your getting offers now, you will get them later. It's better to have senority, because during a layoff it's usually the people they hire first to go...so just stay put for the moment.


When things start to improve in the job market and/or economy then make your move.


Best to you!


P.S. During this time if you can...try to get in a few classes after work and increase your education...always reach for new heights...and it's always good to learn more than one trade, skill...heck turn a hobby into a business....I intend to.

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