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Is he TOO sexual?


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We're both 15 years old.

I've been going out with him for almost a year now.

We're sexual but only foreplay, no sex. We're both virgins.


He masturbates at least 2 - 5 times a day.

It disturbs me, although he doesn't watch porn...

I've seen his history and he does not delete.

He does not watch porn, for definite!

I love being sexual with him but it repulses me that he does it so much to himself.If it was normal I'd be completely fine.

But is it abnormal? What can I do to get over this?


Should I get these feelings?

Shall I just not care as much?

Is he abnormally horny?

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I definitely cannot speak to the normalities of young teenage boys. However, if you enjoy doing what you do with him and he respects your sexual boundaries, is honest and good to you....he sounds like a keeper!

What can you do to get over it?? Well, understand that sexuality is a normal part of life and like him/accept him for who he is. In a couple of years it won't gross you out at all...you might even like it!

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Since I've never been a teenage boy I can't tell you if it's normal. Masturbating 2 times a day.. ok. 5 times.. well, that's a lot but I don't think there's anything wrong with him. Does he talk about sexual stuff a lot? Does it bother you? If you feel like things are moving too fast, you have every right to tell him to slow down.

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ok let me first start by saying..

that is completely normal. i cant speak for men everywhere. but im only 20. and i know what i was like at 13 - 18. and trust me, its normal.


all guys will talk and joke about it amoungst themselves.

and dont do what my ex g.f did. - dont take it as an offence, take it as "something to do", he doesnt do it because he would rather do that than be with you. He might be doing it so he feels less pressure on sex?. or just for a release.


and about porn, i think the statistic is like 80% of men watch porn? - dont quote me. so i wouldnt be surprised if he is? and again its not because he finds you unatrractive. i know for me and mates its just something to look at/do?


Hope that may have helped

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ok let me first start by saying..

that is completely normal. i cant speak for men everywhere. but im only 20. and i know what i was like at 13 - 18. and trust me, its normal.


yep. it's normal at that age. usually, the more discrete the better, but you can't blame him for being the most honest out of his age group, can you?

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Wow normal. no worries. if it bugs ya say something but id say this to ya... Its a great thing he doesnt watch porn. I used to as a way to escape insecurities and the like and as a side not im 23 and waiting for the right person so it became a means of dealing with the fact ive chose not to have sex as sometimes its difficult. if anything 5 times a day can be unhealthy only because its somewhat draining on you body on the other hand (in the other hand ... LOL) its healthy to go at least once every couple of days because it cleans our system and such. ive been told by a doc that it helps remove acne because of this. so i wouldnt worry about it but theres no reason not to talk to him about how you feel. maybe you can learn more about why he does and maybe he can learn a lil too.








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The replies you get here will generally fall into two categories. Women will say it's suspect, men will say it's normal. So ironically, while his playing with himself so much is perfectly ok for a teenage boy, you wondering about is normal too, for a teenage girl.


Men peak at 18, women peak at 30. I'm guessing it's some biological mechanism evolved to allow men to reproduce early, before they died hunting or at war. Perhaps the later peak for women is designed to allow them a greater chance at a mate later in life: making up for being less attractive due to age with a higher sex drive? But the end result of this are situations like this

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