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Stupid situation thats making me angry.

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So my ex is trying to talk to one of my best friends, and she is probably just trying to get me pissed off. He was acting shady about the whole thing, and when I sked him about it he said that it was no big deal. Theyes dont go out, but she really pisses me off when she tries to do stuff like this. The real messed up part is that she had thought that I was trying to get with her friend and when I assured her that I wasnt things were good, and than she turns around and does this. I could care less what guys she talks to but when its one of my really good friends I get angry, and on top of all that its like she throws it all out there on purpose. I was on my myspace today and there was a link that said people you may know, and of course her myspace was there and i saw her mood and status which was al about some guy she was "heart struck by etc" I hate when she intentionaly tries to pissed me off, theres a chance that shes not trying to pissed me off but it sure as hell seems like it. What am I supposed to do?

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