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Need some TLC!

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Hi guys,


Im having a very bad time again, i just cant get it out of my system. I feel like im going insane. I see her at work everyday and have to stop myself seeing her. I feel like im in a fog and cant escape. I just want her back so badly and i know it wont happen, and if it did i couldnt trust her.


What can i do to get throguh this when i feel like its never going to end?


Please helpbefore i loose it all together.

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Been trying all this stuff! ive calmed down a bit again now, i just cant believe how bad this is! I feel like such a wuss sometimes!! She msg'd me on facebook too but im just going to ignore it for now!


I really need help!

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Sev, I've been down this road. This road is horrible. I could barely live with myself I felt so awful. I am usually a very emotionally strong person and it felt like my heart was being torn apart every time I saw my ex. I really couldn't cope.


I hate saying it to you now, as I hated hearing it from other people, but it's time. It will take time and it'll get to the point when it just won't matter anymore. I promise you!!

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Thanks Adge,


I know all this deep down, but seem to loose rational thought sometimes, i still sometimes feel alone and my circumstances are unique and then it pains me, but there not really, millions of people are going through this if not worse, i just need to remember i will get through it.


I cant get outa my head though how someone i trusted so much could do this to me. I thought she loved me and we were together for ever, then this. I feel hurt and feel like a fool, and im panicing because i feel i will never get it back.


I think this is a fate worse than death when your going through it!

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oh Sev,


i am one of those millions in the same shoes you are.


i totally get your obsession with how someone i trusted so much could do this to me, too.


the pain is sooo raw, especially at first.


i just got off the phone with my soon to be ex husband (we were married for 10 years but then he began cheating on me more than once....)


what is so difficult for me with this is that despite what he did, i still have such strong feelings about him...


my counselor advised me to take this one day, hour or minute at a time. that has really helped me cope. but does it still hurt like you know what? you bet ya!


i hope it gets easier for you soon. we separated in July and just this month it has finally become a tiny tiny tiny bit easier. i guess it's all about time....

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I'm with you. It's the most inexplicable feeling. As I said, I've been there (currently going through some pain at the moment actually, but not as bad as it was the last time).


Rational thought almost doesn't exist. It's like someone takes it from your head!! It's like being on a really horrible rollercoaster that doesn't stop. It eventually does though!


I know what you are going through. Try and keep your head buddy!

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Hi guys,


i wanted to make a new topic but cant till this is ones dropped from main page.


Has anyone ever tried these ebooks that claim to have all the answers?


link removed


like this one for instance. I was thinking of getting it, but cant help feeling that its just evil people praying on people who are hurt and grasping at straws.


The reason id get it would be for the advise on getting over it etc and maybe getting back togther but i really dont think there is any magic that will do that!


What you guys think? a good idea or just throwing my money away?

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