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The Secret


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i read the review and thats pretty entertaining. so what exactly is it you dont believe im saying??? How would you know, you dont know me or what i have experianced and how this actually did change my life and i have dozens of other friends i referred it to agree it changed thier life.


I was trying to make a joke but quite obviously failed. You were like "yeah the Secret is great!" and you already had 2 quotes from the Secret on your signature line which just shows how much it worked for you. So I'm like "no way!" So yeah, I was joking... humor is hard to detect in writing

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I read the review. I'll make sure never to end up in jail! And I think the poor fella just extended his prison time by stabbing the guy in the neck. At least his booty is safe. hahaha. JK.


I read the book summer '08 I think the book opened my eyes (someone posted about it here on ENA and it caught my attention). It totally helped me out during my break up and it still is. Staying positive everyday is TOUGH! You just have to believe and have faith that things will get better.


I'll be traveling this year for business alot (China for instance), and taking a nice european vaca. (crossing my fingers on this one), just got a great raise at work before the end of the year, going to take some online courses (e-commerce) to open up my business I've always wanted. I mean these are the things that are happening in my life. I'm not saying drop what you're doing and run to Barnes & Noble to buy a copy but do some research and if you like what you hear I say, go and read it if you want.


After my break upw/ the ex all I wanted and prayed for was someone to love me! I learned that you have to be happy in your situation single or NOT! You have to be happy and positive and the rest will follow. The more negative your attitude..well, that's what will follow. It's like a magnet think positive that's what you attract and vice versa. You guys understand?


Peace all.



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I firmly believe in staying positive and trying to reach out and accomplish goals and go for your dreams, but i don't believe there is any magical force of attraction that makes good things happen. YOU make things happen, as long as it is within your power to do so.


If 'attraction' worked, everyone would be rich and everyone win the lottery and everyone have the person of their dreams. So i think the law of attraction is like the placebo effect with drugs. People's lives do improve because they engage in positive thinking and reach out to try to achieve their goals, but it is not some magic force in the universe making it happen, it is the person stepping up and doing things to improve their lives.

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