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Maybe it wasn't such a good idea...

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Alright - so last night I went to a friend's place (a girl) and we had a whole lot of liquor. It was a mixture of wine and beer.


So, now it's morning, I have a hangover. I'm kinda feeling a bit sad. Lately, while I think of my ex and sigh over the loss of the ideal family that I wanted, I accept it for the most part. I kinda figure it was her issue but I did go visit some sites and am going to seek a therapist just to work through some of my own.


I guess what I'm getting at is - I drank last night. The girl and I did end up having a NSA evening. Yet, even after all that, I'm feeling bummed right now. So, I'm concluding that the depressant effects of alcohol are happening right now to me.


I'm also thinking of my alcoholic ex and wondering if this is why she was always wanting more liquor.


I'm still confused about alot of things. Oh - and please understand, I do think our breakup was for the best considering where things were.


And yes, she has hooked up with someone from that web board. We're not together and she can make her own choices. She has kinda tried to be petty with me but I am practicing LC and indifference for healing right now. I mainly speak with her about my son and how we are dividing things.



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