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Disappointed...plan to truly give up for NOW


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saw a lot of videos how to get my ex back and eventually watched a few about how to get over him. I kind of like the following two...which give me reasons and strength to just give him up.


I guess the trigger is still that...his reasons for the breakup (his emphases on differences, which sounds pretty like a death sentence to me), and now I found out something more. I sent him messages asking how he's doing and when he asked me I said that I caught a cold (I kind of did). He just asked me if I say a doctor and I said I didn't. Then was pretty much it. He did not follow up the night and ask how I was doing. I don't know if he's going to do that these few days but RIGHT NOW i decided not to see him at church for a while. At most go to the event without too much interactions OR i am pretty sure I can handle to little interaction (just greeting possibly). From his lack of concerns I feel like he's given up, because the only hope for me is that he's still concerned about me. But now his concerns do not seem to be enough. I know maybe I am asking too much at this point. He's also ruined my life a bit. I cannot fulfill a lot of responsibilities well because of him right now and the new semester is just around the corner and I HAVE TO let him go otherwise I can't get my life back. And I agree with the clip below, if he broke up with me today it's not going to work 2 days later. Maybe at least half year but before we both change I shouldn't get back with him because he is just a loser. Now I started to agree that he is not a good boyfriend to start with. I truly think so. I have just been blind and give him too much explanation and understanding. I hope I can get my life on track as soon as possibly can. I will take it naturally though and listen to my instinct but the main trend is to give up the initiative to get him back, at least right now.

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