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Guys, I really need your insight!!

Bella Jordan

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My fiance and I had an argument a couple of weeks ago in which I allegedly embarrassed him in front of his boss and coworkers. (Unfortunately, I'd had too much to drink and don't remember what I said.) He text me the day after to tell me that he was still angry, after which I called and wrote to apologize. We didn't speak again until he drunk dialed me 2 days later, spoke incoherently for a bit, then asked me to come over, which led me to stop by his place the following day to check on him. He didn't answer the door. He later text to ask why I'd come over and that I should leave him alone. I called him and told him I was tired of the hot/cold behavior and that I didn't understand why he'd call me one minute to ask me to come over then become furious and backed away the next. I said I couldn't handle this type of behavior and that he need not text/call me again...that we were done. A few hours later, as soon as I came online, he IMd me to tell me that he really didn't remember calling me but that he wanted "some time with no contact." I said he could take as much time as he needed, but that I couldn't handle his hostility. He responded that he "just need[ed] time to get over it" and that, to do so, he needed to be "left alone."


Can any of you offer any insight to what's going on in his mind? I've kept NC since we spoke, which was a week ago. I really thought he'd have cooled down and contacted me by now and I'm terrified that the damage that's been done is irreparab

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I think it's pretty clear that he just wants to be left alone, sounds like he's gotta lot more on his mind than just a lil fight you two had earlier.

Or, maybe he's thinking the same thing you are, maybe he thinks you meant it when you said it was over and don't care, he could be waiting for you to contact him. why don't you call him? find out for yourself.

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Also, it sounds like one or both of you might want to cut back on the alcohol a bit!


All of our actions have consequences. It may be that after you embarrassed him, he had to stand up in the office and tell his co workers that he broke up with your for the way you acted.

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I think maybe he was really drunk and didn't know what he was talking about. Why not give it sometime and let him cool dowm a bit so that his mind will become more clear. Do you mind taking the initiative to call him if he hasn't called you yet?


The thing is, I'm really scared that if I try to contact him now I will only end up making him feel pressured and, in so doing, push him further away. He's a VERY proud man and doesn't swallow his pride easily. I absolutely believe him when he says he doesn't know he called. I guess I'm just trying to figure out where we stand. I've given him a week to cool down and still nothing. Then again, I don't want to NOT call and let him think that I actually meant it when I said we were done and that I'm over him. Because that couldn't be further from the truth.

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