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Issues wiyh my boyfriend


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My boyfriend and I have been living together for almost two years now, and we've been in our relationship for about two years. We have had a tendency to argue a lot, but after about a year of that we had been getting a lot better about it.

Now we're having some other issues, though. For the past couple of months he's started acting pretty strange and withdrawn, I've noticed he's been very stressed out and depressed over a lot of different things, none of them really relating to me, just some personal issues. But they've been getting progressively worse. No, he's not cheating on me and I know that for a fact, he's just having severe emotional issues right now. The thing is, is they're getting kind of out of hand. The day before yesterday he took off walking with a backpack and he walked thirty five miles to his dad's house, without saying a word to anyone about where he was going. He came back home but only after I filed a missing person's report on him. When he came back he said he would never do that again, but he had just neededsome time alone to think about his problems.

On top of that, he quit his job. Now, I pretty much saw that one coming. You see we both worked at a call center, and the kind of calls he took were very stressful, and he's not the kind of person that can deal with that kind of thing very well, especially not while he's already depressed, so I do understand. But on the other hand, it's not really all that fair for me to be paying all the bills AND putting up with his weird episodes.


Now it's not that he doesn't want to work, in fact he's always had a very good work ethic up until now, he says he wants to work, just not THIS job and he said this would only be temporary until he finds another job.


So what should I do? Should I be supportive and make the bills until he gets another job? I'm just confused.

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