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Has anyone ever felt this way?


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Does it make sense to love someone, but not be in love with them?


I have been with my boyfriend for about two years now. I feel like throughout our relationship he has grown to be a really great guy. He really is an amazing boyfriend.


The only thing is I feel like I do not take our relationship as seriously as he does. He talks about being married one day and how much he loves me and it is making everything so much more difficult I love him and I really care about his feelings and I think this is a big part of why we are still together.


I've been thinking about breaking things off for a while now, but it is sooo hard. I don't even know how to word the way I feel. For the past few months I have just been thinking about other people, I want freedom. It's not that I don't love him. I do. I'm just unhappy in this relationship and I feel unfulfilled. I feel like my feelings should be much stronger for him then they are.


Does this make any sense?? I know what needs to be done.. But it's so hard.. how do you break up with someone you are so close to?


I would really just like to let someone know I'm not alone.

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I think you should just come out and say it. Make sure you don't do it in an e-mail or text, do it in person.


It's very important that you let him know this as early as possible.


He may not speak with you anymore, it may wreck your friendship. But it is the right thing to do.


The longer the relationship is prolonged, the worse things will become.


You may feel sad when it's all over, but I think you'll also feel relieved.

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It's a very difficult thing to do, break it off with someone, especially for these reasons, which is perfectly legitimate, but trying to explain that to your SO would seem impossible, but, I think the best way to tell him is basically the same way you just posted your thread.

You have to sit him down somewhere and explain to him the same way you just did now, it's clear, it makes sense, your letting him know that he does mean something to you, but that it's not right to continue because of how your feeling.

Depending on the person, he might be understanding about it, if not, you can simply say, this is how I feel, what would you want me to do, continue being unhappy with this relationship.

I think it's a good thing that you be honest with him, very few women I know can be that honest about it, it's better than running around cheating behind his back.

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You're not alone. I have the same issue with the relationship I'm in right now, unfortunately. My BF loves me to death, would do anything for me, and all that stuff. I have thought about ending it because my feelings aren't the same..but we have a child together and I can't imagine losing him over something so stupid. I have actually never been in love before. I don't want to ramble on, but yes, you are not alone.


I never understood why women are always stereotyped as the more emotional sex because frankly, the men I have had relationships with almost always get much more intensely emotional about them than I ever have.

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I never understood why women are always stereotyped as the more emotional sex because frankly, the men I have had relationships with almost always get much more intensely emotional about them than I ever have.



Thats so true, even the hard asses, speakin from experience, guys try to hide their emotions, cause of certain stereotypes, it's whats expected of them, so if you open up and get all emotional, it makes you seem as though your more the feminine one. But deep down, Guys are just as, or if not, more emotional than women.

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I was in your shoes last year... I loved my ex bf ( best frens before we started dating) but truly felt that I wasn't in love. I think it stems from the fact that on some level we are not in tune with our partner. I also felt very unfulfilled and sad so finally called it quits after 3, 4 months of dating. I still feel very attached to him and love him. But there is no future and I feel envy when I see him dating other gals. Truly speaking you have to analyze why you don't feel in love. In my case it was becoz he is quite overweight and has drinking and temper issues. You could possibly be having some issues too that bothers you. I only know it's not easy to find someone you can trust & care for deeply. First analyze through things before calling it quits. Then have a heart to heart with him. Sometimes breaking up makes you realize how much this person means to you. Life's experiences have taught me that feelings are never the same at all times. But both of you deserve to be with someone you love & cherish...

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