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Where do i start to find someone like me?


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Im 23 and i dont get how to do it. Im into scenes that seem that no one is like me. except this site. lol. I like hardcore punk , straight-edge, ELP, Phish, techno, etc



the only scene ppl seem to match is straight edge but how would you go about meeting others if you were a mix up like me? I can't seem someone right. I feel like im just "too" passionate for ppl. too much to deal with. I get so into stuff.


Key points about me...

-waiting until marriage (or equiv to sig other and I)

-No drinking or drugs

-aspire to be a writer

-wants to do unique things like run off and build a log cabin and live there for a few years.


sometimes it feels like id fit in if id been born hundreds of years ago...


for me its a romantic thing sort of my own religion in a way. Romance ahhh. how that means so many dif things to dif ppl.



where do i start?


guess any support is welcome but ideas are uber wicked.



thank you so much.








Ive tried internet etc. to no avail. am i just "too" picky?

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First off, with such interestes why bother with anyone else?


I imagine that the music scene you describe is where you are rather than who you are. It sounds like in a month you may be into something else so deep that these other current raves go silent. Most people seek identity in thier crowd, but that isn't you.


Just keep being you. Follow that passion and it will guide you to what you NEED. Perhaps not what is simple, but hey...you love life.


I understand passion and feeling like I overwhelm people. I can. For me it was letting go of the expectation for certain relationships, and my passion to overwhelm people in thier pursuit, that freed me to find them.


^What does that say?

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yeh i decided id do what i love. its just so hard to do alone. I think im doing some things to overcome that fear. I figure if i want to meet ppl like me then there is not one place cause im not any one thing. im not scene or punk or a hippie or a raver but a lil of it all. ill just keep doing what i do then and focus a lil more on what i want to do in my own life and maybe in doing so ill find someone doing some of the same things. just scared i guess.


thank you for the support btw. dude

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Well. my buddy's a drummer and he's getting me into it to heal myself from a lot of illness. Always wanted to get into it. Looking fro drum circles around here. Don't know what "straight edge" means but in you're into ELP like us older guys, you may have some rhythm. Google some circles in your ares. drummers are good people. Try it. Good luck.

And if you like ELP, maybe try some King Crimson too.

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You sound kind of like me.


I like techno and classic rock.


I've never touched a drug, cigerette, or been drunk in my life.


I waited til I was 18 and in a relationship to have sex, and since then have only had one other partner whom I plan on marrying eventually and sharing my life.


I want to be a Criminologist for the FBI, but writing is also a very stong passion of mine. I'm writing 3 books currently, hopes of being published and Dean Koontz is my role model.


And I'm a true romantic. I wont do anything with someone unless I'm in love or in a relationship.


Trust me, there are others like you. And you don't have to find someone JUST like you to be with. They just have to accept your beliefs and respect you.

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Im a guy who was in your kinda your situation a couple years ago(Metal and Hardcore). But the thing with me was I was able to meet people, some who had some on the same interests and some who didn't, with having small parties here and there (or going to them). This was something that helped me a TON! But like you said you don't drink, but I'm sure you can figure something out. By the way, you can't be too passoniate about something

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I hear you. You laid it out though. Do what you love and life will take over. There are other eclectics out there...and when you find them it will be great.


Have you read "Into the Wild"


I think you'd love it. There is a movie, but you know how that goes.

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thx rose21 i agree with the last comment. the hardest part of it is the things i want to do well ppl have to find their own meaning in like running off and been a writer in the woods. well someone that im with should want to do that but maybe have their own reason and meaning in it etc...


IndigoEye, thx for the good idea. im open to anything new. drum circles is another thing i have yet to experience and theres only good to that. thx again!

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Wow, almost everything you described is exactly me and what I want as well. Everything except the log cabin thing haha. So apparently you'll just run into people on message boards who fit your description, but none in person... ? lol i duno. I'm so pathetically romantic too, sometimes I wonder if there is another guy as passionate as me who isn't psycho or something. So I duno....I'm currently in the same boat as you, good luck =/

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Respect for the edge, man. Had an edge guy reach out to me when I was pretty low, helped me tons.


As far as meeting other people with the same interests..I don't know..reach out to people..at shows, maybe a drummer circle as Indigo suggested, maybe take some type of writing class if you aren't already in school?


I know how that feels though, I feel like I should've been born ages ago.

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