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A little sad..


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My parents are on vacation, and I miss them. I didn't realize I was so attached.


I was diagnosed with depression, I'll just get that out there. But I really don't feel depressed, because I know what that feels like. I just feel really sad.


Is there anyone else that feels really down when their family is away?


If so, how do/did you cope?





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Find family in others as in yourself even. you love you family for certain things and in a certain way. theres a part of you and parts of others that are very much like that. you have a family here on the boards. you may not have met us irl but we are here and we care too. i know im not a parent but i still wish you safty and happiness. no one can replace them but they are a part of everything about you and in that they are always there. im sorry if this isnt good enough or doesnt help but its how i feel and what helps me through times i feel lonley.







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Aw! Thank you guys, you are so sweet! I really appreciate it.


I know they use the term "seperation anxiety" when it comes to animals, but I feel like that's what I'm experiencing.


You're right, during my hardest times I've come to ena for support, and it has always helped me out a lot.


I should do it more often, lately I've just been keeping stuff in.


Thanks so much for being so supportive.

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