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How far in advance do you apply for a job?


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Okay, so I'm in a predicament where I need to move ASAP. I'm moving out of state, and my car -should- be ready by this time next week.


I was wondering if I should wait until my car is ready or if I should apply for jobs now. I know it may seem like a silly question, but I am worried about getting an interview and them not having any times available that far in the future, or all the interview dates being before I can make it, or my car not being ready in time.


On the other hand I don't really have time to waste so I don't want to wait an extra week for nothing.


By the way the city is Chicago, if anyone knows what the average call-back rate is there. Here it ranged from the next day to a few weeks after, so it's hard for me to guesstimate.

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well with the econ the way it is. if you want something good then you should look asap. Look now... make things happen. In chi town there is no avg rly. You should always follow up no matter what i say give the jobs 3-5 business days to look at your app and call back to check up on the status of job avalibility. thats my suggestion. and i wish you much luck!

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Apply now. "That far in to the future" is only next week! If they are looking to interview between now and then, chances are the position will be filled before your car is fixed.


IN reality, depending on the position/level/type of job, it will take most companies a couple of days to start sorting through ALL of the resumes they are going to receive. A day or so to get in contact with you, and then you can schedule the interviwe a couple of days after that.


You don't say where you are currently. Is CHI a short drive for you or is it accross country? This plays into the issue as well.


I agree, if possible, try and have something linded up before you get there, but interviewing before you are local is very tough. Not impossible, but you will really need to stand out in a crowd in order to be given any real consideration. Do you have a local phone number/address that you can use on your resume/CV? If not, try and get that lined up (disposable cells are good for this.)


Just my 2 cents....Job searching sucks!

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Chicago has been hiring a lot in my industry and recruiters call me all the time. I don't want to live there after accepting one interview and visit, so I don't have too many details. I can probably pass on some headhunter names, if I still have their info.


Sometimes companies will pay some relo depending on what level you are at, or fly you out for interviews. I have never paid for a move out of pocket (although some associated problems wound up costing me a good chunk of change along the way).

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