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How should i behave to him when i see him?

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Hey guys!


So here's the deal ... me and my ex broke up the week before we both left uni for xmas. He dumped me, and in the few days after that when we bumped into each other, he was the same as usual - acted like nothing was wrong. Big smile, "Hi, how are you?" etc as though he hadn't just broken my heart.


Then xmas holidays came and i'm going back next week. I'm almost definitely going to run into him, and whereas before xmas i was telling him i missed him and wanted him back etc, i've realised now that he isn't worth my time. He treated me SO bad - dumped me by text, told me i had to change my personality, put his friends before me all the time, cheated on me, dangled me on the end of a string - etc. I intensely dislike him now, and was just wondering how you guys would react if you were in my situation and you see him next? I'm inclined not to get into a conversation with him at all because if i do, he'll work his way back into my head, but just wondered any approached other people would take, or anything in particular you'd say to make him realise what he's done/ what an idiot he is.


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