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Gezz I hope I didn't become a player!.

MD Geist

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Congratulations MD Geist on your new found success! After reading all the sad posts that you have written on this site this has come as a refreshing inspiration to us all. I hope to see threads like this from other chronic posters! My style of posts seem more to reflect that I'm attracting all the wrong types of women into my life who are either too old, married (unavailable), or who I'm not really interested in and are long distance. If you are attracting the right types of women - then double congratulations!


I don't think you could become a player with anyone because you are a virgin and are not out to say anything to get laid and then dump a girl afterwards. Players are usually sex addicts or just want to see how many notches they can add to their bed-posts. If you are a player then hell will freeze and pigs will fly. You on the other hand are searching for true love. Hopefully you'll find it from one of your prospects, or someone you cross paths with in the future.

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