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New relationship, Worried about if She really Likes me....


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Hi again!!


Straight to the point. I have been dating/in a relationship with a new girl for around 2-3 months now on and off. We have been on again now for about 3 weeks.


I have concerns though as to whether she really is into me and her commitment to me and our relationship for several reasons which I will state. I would really appreciate peoples opinions on what they think she is thinking and any advice the can offer. The things I am concerned about are: -

  • When we first got together in mid-october we were honest and public about our relationship to frinds and family. Now we are together again she is insisting it stays secret from our close friends at a local Pub we frequent and our families. She has stated though that if the relationship progresses well she would be open to telling family but not friends.
  • We don't get to spend much time together due to several reasons. We spent the evening togther Sunday gone but will not see each other again till Friday evening. She had the chance to see me last nite but declined as she was still in her Pyjamas and didn't feel like getting ready and was relaxing watching DVDs. I felt pretty rejected over this considering the fact we don't get the opportunity to see each other much and when one arose she chose not to.
  • When I txt her to say i was disappointed that I didn't get to see her tonite and had to wait till Friday she just responded with "it will come soon enough" however she did state that she couldn't wait. However this could be because that I'm taking her to a fancy expensive Hotel rather than shes seeing me.

I know that I might just be being paranoid or looking into things too much and it is relatively early days but I'm just scared that its me putting all the effort in trying and she doesn't feel the same as me and I will end up getting hurt, again. It always seems to be me sending the txts to. If I don't I'm lucky to get one of her a day and I won't get it until at least 5pm.


Thanks for peoples input and opinions on this.

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It sounds to me that she isn't as emotionally available as you would like. That doesn't mean she doesn't like you, but it does mean that you are not going to get what you need from her, and there is always a chance that will never change.

Also, anytime someone wants to keep a relationship a secret from anyone is reason for suspicion, unless they give you a very good reason which you did not mention.

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Thanks for the reply. I've just read another similar thread which has really educated me on emotionally unavailable people which has helped. I've made a mess of things several times already and each time she has forgiven me and came back so I suppose this at least shows something?


It is early days however so I suppose I'm going to have to give it a little longer before drawing any conclusions.

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any girl relaxing in PJs watching a dvd who just wanted to stay in would invite me over if she was into me.


Couldn't mate. She lives with her parents who don't know about us yet and regardless its too early in the relationship for going round to each others house meeting the parents etc so that isn't an option......yet.

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