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when someone says"you need help"...


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it depends on what context. if it is "you need help" in like maths. then no. If it is something to do with you as a person, like your always having mood swings, but do not acknowledge it, then quit possibly it can mean you are a sick person. Or if it is because you show stalker traits, then it means you are a creap. please define for us what caused someone to say "you need help"

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Well my brother always says that to me, and he seems to think I have bipolar.


Basically I'm usually in a good mood but sometimes I can get in a bad mood quickly for apparently no reason (to others). In reality it only happens when I am exposed to information of certain things that I am maybe a little to passionate about, like corruptions and whatnot. So for most other people it is 'no reason to get excited', but for me it is. For example the thing a while ago when a teenage girl over in some third world country got raped and told the authorities, and they stoned her to death and didn't even bother with the rapists, bothered me to no end, and then my brother goes to tell me I got bipolar because I go from being in a good mood to a somewhat not-so-good mood upon learning about it. It is one of the reasons I don't watch the news too much.

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Unless they are a professional then it's just their sole opinion. More often than not it's a form of belittlement, a put-down designed by them to feel empowerment for themselves. Prefect line for those Passive/Aggressive types.

Usually my response it something like: "I know exactly who I am and what I am, but now that you mention it I do recall needing a Plumber, a Carpenter, and even a Mechanic around here... are you applying for a position?


By that point they get ticked off. Brings out their true nature. Try it sometime.


It's just more BS. Don't let people continue to whittle away at your confidence.

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