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how long

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I had an interview on the 30th of December. It went very well and the manager said she likes me but she has two others to interview then she will decide.


Should I bother to follow up? and if so when should I give them a call?

I dont want to call too soon to bother them but also I dont want to call too late.


Thank you!

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Always write a Thank you note/letter. Then I would say after two weeks from the original interview, give them a call.


I know since the holiday's, a lot of businesses are swamped with catch up.... so it may take longer to hear a response than usual.


I am TOO waiting to hear back on a job. I sent my Thank you letter through the mail, because I figured after holidays the emails would just be flooded, and it wouldn't really get to stick out.

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I have never wrote a thank you letter. This may be a stupid question but do you write it on a regular letter paper or post card? And what should it say?


Also a friend suggested I call them this wed (which will make it about a week) and ask if the job is still open, would that be a good idea?

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Perhaps send it on an inexpensive blank card on the inside, but something with a simple design on the outside...you can usually find them in grocery stores in the card isle.


Good luck...hope you get the job.


p.s. or perhaps make one yourself on the computer...it shows thought and creativity at the same time...just an idea...smiles

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