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Girl I'm interested in, have only email address


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Alright, so there is this girl I used to see once in a while at work who I began to really like near the end of my stay there (it was a temporary job, nothing bad happened). I thought I might pop the question for a date at one party I thought she'd show up at, but she never did.


I have an email account. I heard it's kind of creepy to do an email, so I'm not sure how any way I can contact her. I'm not sure if she's single, interested in me, or what. I just want to know her more.


I haven't really done that much dating before, and the last time it was much more comfortable to ask the girl because there was a HUGE precursor to it before in conversation. Right now, I have an email address.


Any advice guys?

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Tell her that you know her from wherever and that you got her email address from -insert where you got it from- and that it's the only way to get in touch with her and you hope she doesn't mind the intrusion but you think she's really cool and you would like to get to know her better.


When you have only one tool in your toolbox, you use it. Even if it's a screwdriver to hammer in a nail.

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Tell her that you know her from wherever and that you got her email address from -insert where you got it from- and that it's the only way to get in touch with her


Besides from adding over the phone or something you should stop there. E-mails are a dangerous cos they can do anything they want with it so you don't want anything remotely embarrassing in there.

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Go ahead! Ask her out in an email!

I wouldn't mind if I guy did that and I ain't what you'd call desperate... hmmm.... lol


It's all good. Just be like: "Hey, I met you at such and such place... I never forgot you and there's this party coming up... I haven't seen you in a bit, so this feels awkward to ask in an email, but I'd like to see you again and if you're not busy / and/or your schedule allows it... come to this party... etc."


Or something like that...?! Personally, I wouldn't ask for a phone number... until I knew the person really well and even then, I'd prefer to ask them face to face. That's just me, though.

Good luck!

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Oops. I thought you wanted her to come to another party. I guess I'm wrong? You want to ask her out... as in date date... haha...


OK, maybe try this: "Hey, haven't talked to you in a bit... since we met/ at work... something something... you gave me your email address and I never forgot you... how are you doing these days...? Do you remember me? This feels awkward to ask you for coffee in an email, but if you're in town and you're not busy, maybe we could meet up or something?"


Just remember -- EVERYONE loves attention!! And even more so, everyone loves to be remembered! There's no reason not to try this - if she doesn't like this, ugh... then she's an idiot... move on...

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Well, I did it. Her reply was that she can't. I guess it's a no go then. Oh well.


At least I got it off my chest. I wonder if the forwardness kind of freaked her out a bit, especially since it's through an email from someone she hasn't seen for weeks.


Any opinions on this?

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I'm really sorry, I should've come back to this post to explain myself a little better.


I asked how her holiday was, and what she has been up to, and also if she wanted to grab a coffee sometime and hang out.


She said her holiday was fine, she had a good break, and that she cannot take up on my offer, but really appreciated it.


Then she posted a pic of an ASCII bunny.

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