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Complete loss in sex drive...


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I havent been on this site in ages unfortunately...


but ill just go ahead with it...


About 2 weeks ago I had met up with an older girl in her mid 20s. We went to her place...drank and yada yada yada...ive lost all sexual desire for anything. Since that encounter with this woman ive been completely turned off. Masturbation is beyond a chore and it never was has been. No matter the infinite amounts of stresses or pleasures I had that day, week or month...ive never once had a problem. I use to look forward to it at night! Now when I do try..I get like maybe 60-75 percent blood flow max. Its embarrassing. Ive given up all together... or atleast trying alone. I hope he works during sexy time.


I dont know what is causing it. I think it is purely psychological because physically im in great shape...this is what comes to mind...


-I highly regret ever sleeping with this woman. I find her very unnattractive to be quite honest and find that I kick myself many times a day for ever even considering meeting with her (I knew what was going to happen)...but shes definitely not whats on my mind when trying to get off anyways.

-I feel very guilty towards her as well because she wants a relationship now(shes 25! youd think she'd know better!) and its not like me to hit it and quit so to speak. But I could not be with her and have been avoiding seeing her again. Is that a possibility?

-I was laid off before christmas and am still having trouble finding a job (trades) Its stressful as * * * * but ive been jobless before and never had such issues.


Infact..im dealing with a beautiful girl right now and I have the best chemistry out of every girl ive ever met and still...nada.


does this sound like something that will just pass?

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Hi there inlove,


I would contact your physician and have a physical or at least talk to your doctor about the situation your having. Sounds like your just having stress and perhaps feelings of being overwhelmed.


Perhaps if you can...take yourself away someplace not to expensive, and have a short weekend getaway with your new girl....find someplace tranquil, have candles, incense, romantic music, bottle of champange...have your new lady friend give you a rub down with some exotic oils and you do the same for her.


Far as this other woman is concerned is it just her age that turns you off or is it something else perhaps? Did something happen that night that really bothered you about her?...hon, if you look at might be the root cause then you can work on things to get your libido back in check.


Just have a real seductive night with this other girl and try to release the tension in your mind.


Far as jobs are concerned you will find something.


Take care and good luck to you.

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Thank you for the reply Warrior


FTR...i try not to be a judgmental or hypocritical person...but I was/am extremely turned off by her looks...and body. Im also pretty angry because I was drunk the night of and didnt think past an orgasm (which I never even reached) Whats worse is that im constantly trying to dodge her, making excuses why I dont come over and stuff. I feel so terrible about it. It seems like me telling her that I met someone else would destroy her. I plan on telling her tomorrow that ive met someone else and would liek to be friends but I know this wont go to well. Hopefully after that stress is off my chest the little guy wont be so little anymore


It sounds rather minuscule to post about but like I said before on night stands arent my game....

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Wow, this has the potential to be epic.


You remember that time in Billy Madison where the principal corrects Billy on that question saying something like "Mr. Madison, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."


You should modify this to relate to your problem with this woman and tell her. That'll probably get your lil man to grow a backbone!

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Dear inlove,


Just be honest with this other girl...straight to the point...you are not interested in dating her and leave it at that...she don't need to know about your other lady...it's none of her business...and yes, she should know better to sleep with a man who is tipsy and quite young...of course your not going to have a relationship with her either....you have so many things ahead of you in your future to be tied down right now (at least with her) is crazy.


Believe me if you were not attracted to her under the influence then for sure it's going to be the same sober....Is she trying to put pressure on you for a relationship?


For goodness sakes ....she needs to find a guy her own age.


Yep, going to have to cut her off asap and if you can disappear from this girl life so she cannot turn into a stalker and cause you and your new girl problems.


Sometimes girls get real catty and for sure you don't want to deal with that.


I don't know if you like netflix but a cute movie to watch with Jennifer Lopez starring in Monster In-law...funny romantic comedy perhaps you and your gf can cuddle and watch something to take your mind off of things...laughter is always a good mood enhancer.


Best wishes to you.

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