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My ex is sniffing around.


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Take this back a few nights. I ran into her at a bar with her new man, attempted to say hello, but she just gave me a weird look and kept walking. I was floored because it was her that said "You can say hi when you see me ya know." not so long ago. She has also been the one to break my no contact.


After getting home that night I texted her and said that I tried to say hello and you just kept moving. She said it was awkward. She also said that her life sucks right now and she isn't happy. She also said that it seems like yesterday that we met and she can't believe it's been seven months and she's so sorry for hurting me.


A few weeks prior to this incident, I ran into her at the bar/restaurant she worked at and made small talk for a few moments. After leaving, I received a text from her that said "You and that cute wink n' smile." and another that read "That smile of yours is what got me in the first place".


We made a little small talk yesterday, via text, kept it light and whatnot.


She has a very open-ended, vague way of saying things involving us and our relationship. It's very hard to understand what her meaning is behind it. Is she dropping hints or just talking...ya know?


How do I play this? Are these good signs of a reconciliation or just friendly chit-chat? She was obviously testing the waters a few times before and I ignored it. This time she knows I am up for talking again. Once again, there is a new man in the picture. How do I handle this situation?


*Edit* She also seems very concerned with me dating someone else. I find that odd, because she was the one who left me and found someone else. Why should she care, ya know?

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My ex is acting the same way since breaking 5 weeks of NC on New Year's. She keeps asking me if I'm seeing other girls, when I ask why she would even care she just says "you know me, I'm nosy." She even told me she'd still sleep with me if I wanted, even though she's casually seeing another guy. So I'd be interested to see what people have to say about this.

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All I can say is, if my ex moved on with another guy and then sent me texts like that, I would wonder what is going on. If she isn't happy, she needs to break it off with the new guy and then consider talking to you. She is just going to get an ego boost, go back to her new guy and then leave you wondering what just happened. Again, this is just my opinion.


My ex seems to be sniffing around as well. She hasn't asked me if I am seeing someone else, but she does always asked what I did this day, that day, etc.....is she being friendly or is she too digging?

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She said her life sucks right now and isn't happy. Thoughts and good memories of you are starting to swirl back into her brain, b/c she was content at some point with you, but is not right now [with her life]. SHe is somewhat regretting things, and also is selfish, explaining why she is concerned about you having a gf or dating someone. She is venting indirectly. The more she talks like this and you respond calmly/play it cool/be yourself, the more she will remember, and as a result, the more questions will pop into her head. Don't take this time to make a move or whatnot. Let her convince herself shes made a mistake by continuously talking about how great you are, your smile, etc. She seems like shes just with this guy because shes too unstable to be alone, but then again, I don't know her.

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