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Your experiences, please


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Has anyone decided to go no-contact for healing purposes, but also hoping that the ex would miss them and come back, only to be disappointed when the ex never contacted them? What is the longest anyone has been no-contact before the ex contacted them? How many experiences are floating around here where the ex contacts them months or years later, but with no intent to reconcile?


I'm interested....

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I'm shocked people can come back together after years. I mean if you didn't miss the person drastically in the first weeks - how can you remember the old flame from couple years ago? Yet that happens.


I wouldn't want that to happen to me though... wait so long for something that was right there all this time.

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I agree with the OP...it's different.


If I were living in the same town with my old ex's then we may see each other several times a week since we have kids together, a couple of my other ex's stalked me for awhile until I found a new guy, then my most recent ex he moved out early last year only to try and win me back and after I told him in the middle of Nov I wasn't happy and could do better on my own...he got very mad then I left him a note several days later telling him, I hated him, and to never come around me again and stay out of my life forever....well needless to say.....hadn't seen him since...he doesn't call me and I don't call him.


I hated for things to end that way since I invested 5 years of my life with him...I am sure that me and my ex's from the past could get along just fine, but the most recent ex will probably never speak to me again....will he forget me....?? probably not...you don't forget someone you lived with for 5 years.


I had to break it off hard and cold for my own sanity and betterment of my future. He is very hurt and angry at me right now....If he ever does speak to me again, I am sure it won't be for a very long long time...yes, it hurts me very bad, but I had to do what I had to do and there is no turning back ever!!! If he wants to stay mad at me and never talk to me then it's okay...his choice....I have to keep on living.

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My ex left about 5 1/2 months ago.


I never pleaded, begged etc when he left, I just let him go and never contacted him again; he didn't contact me either. Roll on NYE and he text and called. Why wait until 11pm on NYE to say you've been doing some thinking blah blah blah, and that you want to know which account I want the money he owes me transferred too.


My ex has the best timing - not.


People like to get their stuff cleared before New Year. Maybe champagne helped.

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1 full month of NC and i got a message about sorry it didn't work out only after i blocked him from those stupid internet social sites (fb). 2 weeks later another "friendly" message. 2 weeks after that another "friendly" message. but i don't want friends. i want more. hold out hold out hold out. you deserve more.

but i worry that was the last message unfortunatley. you MUST be strong in this. if you will be unhappy without having ALL that you want, then you cannot be a part of it. ugh i only say this to justify myself so that others do not think i'm cold. i am not the one that left.

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I know exactly how you feel. Break up 5 1/2 months ago and still spoke and saw each other every week or so. As of three weeks, I hear nothing from him. Called him and never a returned phone call from him. To just be dismissed as though you are nothing hurts so much.

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