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Well i went out fishing 3 days ago and forgot to wear sunscreen, stupid i know cuz now my skin is killing me. My back has all blisted on it getting worse, iv got this gel im using but still my my whole body is burning. I cant even sleep cuz when i lay down it just burns. Does anyone know anything like cream or anything that may help?

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Ibuprofin is good because it reduces pain & inflammation. If you have blisters all over your back, maybe you should see your Dr. If it is that bad you don't want to get an infection from this.


Is the gel you are using alo vera? That stuff makes it feel better somewhat.

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Yeah, the doc can give you stuff for that. You will have a much higher risk for skin cancer now that you've had a burn this bad. I did this to my face and arms at a baseball game at Stanford about 6 years ago (sun reflecting off the top of the cement dugout). You are better off going to a doctor than treating it yourself

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If you will: Get an aloe plant. Cut the leaves open, scrape the juice out and apply it as many times a day as possible. Every hour or so. Load it on. It WILL work.


I was almost 2nd degree on my face one 4th of July. I didn't look Caucasian. It's hot here. I did this, and in 72 hours there was no trace of sun exposure at all.


I live on the beach and have about seven aloe plants at all times. I drink it, I use it on skin. It's a wonder medicine.

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Look for a cream with Aloe Vera.


I grew up in Texas and due to all the burns no house went without a plant, you just cut open the leaves and smear it on your skin. Look or ask around, someone you know may have one, cheaper than cream).


Cool showers then laying under a fan will provide immediate relief, along with asprin and aloe vera... that's the best you can do.

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