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Commitment Phobe Alert!!! Is it normal for him to react like this?


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It seems I am dealing with a commitment phobe. He said we should finish. I texted as you do. After a week of stopping texting him, he asked to come along Xmas night. We had a chat and he said that he was scared. After this he has just not been in touch very much at all I take it this is part of being a commitment phobe? I'm willing to be patient in the meantime to see if things work out and he gets over this. It's just that when I haven't heard from him days on end, I start to worry if he is just using me but then I when I am with him, I really do feel that he is being genuine and sincere. I don't want to text him as I am trying to give him the space he needs i.e. don't want to push him away as I'm trying to go about this in the right way. Then again I think if he really likes me then why doesn't he want to keep more contact. Is this normal from a commitment phobe who has came back out of their own free will? Oh, and we were only been going out with each other (v.intimately and emotionally) for around 3 months. Texted each other all the time but he was the one doing a lot of the chasing so it wasn't just a one way thing. Is that normal to want to get back we me? I don't know. I am sooooo confused.

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