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I thought I had healed and all was good. But I find myself in the same spot I was 2 months ago. I have decided I can not do it anymore. I have just sent a letter to my ex saying I was going NC yet again. I have not healed enough to be able to talk or be around her. I am crying and my heart feels like it is being ripped from my chest as I type this but I have no choice anymore. For the sake of my own sanity and for her's I have to find away to heal and move on. As much as I want her in my life I just can't right now. I know it is hurting me more than her and I am grateful for that. Wish me luck and even though I am not a religious man please pray for me. I will need all the strentgh and help I can get right now.

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Actually, your really deep grieving sounds very healthy to me, even though you're in a lot of pain. When you get through it - which you will - you will probably find that you've moved on a lot further than you'd thought; you won't be in the same place as you were 2 months previously. Getting over a breakup doesn't usually happen 'in straight line', it's more like a spiralling thing, where you think you've gone back to where you were - but actually, you have moved on.


You're also taking care of yourself by keeping NC when you need to, otherwise it's a bit like pulling off the scab when you're healing.


And I'll certainly pray for you!



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hey buddy,


I know you have said this before but you have to keep trying until you are in a better place. Quit worrying about her and concentrate only on yourself. You need to make this as easy on yourself as possible and frankly you haven't. Stick to NC and give yourself a chance. These feelings will come again but be less and less hurtful and last shorter and shorter everytime. You are not the guy that showed up here all those months ago. You have healed some and became stronger, just not enough is all.



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