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how do u fake an orgasm?


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let me just make it clear

i'm not gonna try this, but im actually interested into how it's possible

call me naieve/naive/ meh, but i am only 17, and only had two sexual partners. iv never had an orgasm, not 100% sure what it's like, and would just like 2 know when people say "just fake it" what the hell they mean you do? lol, but yeah, im not gonna try it.

my boyfriend does get very disappointed with me though as he's made previosu girls orgasm, and i just can't. i do think it's me though. thanks.

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Hard to fake for a guy.


But watch any movie with a sex scene...not a porno...a hollywood movie...lots of breathing...yelling, all the things you'd naturally want to do with a real orgasm.


Being that young...your man probably just doens't know exactly what to do for you yet...but start faking it now and he'll think he's doing it all right and wont' change. Try telling him what you like...in a sexy way. I find guys take better hints when it doesn't seem you are TELLING then what to do...if he hits the spot right...tell him...just like that...oh yea...he'll learn.


Trust me...you want him to learn for real rather then become over confident in his IN-ability to please.

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nono, i totally agree

we have talked many times about it

he is amazing, he does everything tht just feels so gd, like seriously, he's very experienced for an 18 year old and after 9 months every time we have sex is still amazing! its like its really really good, and thts it, not tht im complaining, iv never wanted to orgasm, because its never happened, and sex is just gd as it is, but he gets upset cos he thinks he's not a gd lover, but he honestly is lol

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I wouldn't recommend faking it. The odds are you're not going to fake it well enough & he will know. Either that or you're going to get sick of faking it but you can't stop because then he will wonder why it's not working anymore.


Most women can't orgasm with sex; just with a vibrator or oral sex. He happened to date someone in the past who was capable of having an orgasm during sex.


I think I would flip out if you were my sister writing this. She is 17.

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well he's had sex with 4 people, one being me, 2 he made orgasm, and countless people he's made orgasm through fingering etc.. lol, maybe we're weird for talking about past experiences but meh. so im pretty sure its me, my ex was * * * * and my only other experienfce so when he found out id never had an orgasm he was like wow,, lets get working on ya and then got all depressed whne he couldnt either


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Strongly advise against faking. Not even worth it.


Just be honest with yourself and him. Communicate your inexperience with him. Let him know that you are learning and very willing to understand sexuality more. The fun is in the learning.


Your sexuality is yours. You need to take accountability for it. It is great when a partner is willing to "help" but to be honest YOU need to take responsibility for learning about your body and it's responses. You can help yourself by exploring sexuality guilt free.


Good luck!!

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First of all I'm a man so I may have some of this wrong, but I've been with a few girls and have been able to spot when they try to fake it.

  • Breathing/moaning. Sure but don't overdo it. If you are getting all crazy yelling and he has ever given you an orgasm where you only slightly moan, he will tell a difference and wonder if one was fake and the other not.
  • Talking. Don't do it if you are faking it. The girl's I have been with were not able to talk very fluently during an orgasm.
  • Clinching of muscles. During an orgasm certain muscles tend to contract involuntarily. During a 'faked' orgasm you are going to have to voluntarily contract these muscles. Doing this well, and with a good timing of the contractions may be a little difficult. Also the general motion of the body during an orgasm may need to be faked if you have ever had a real orgasm with him.
  • Skin changes. During an orgasm sometimes skin changes a slight reddish color even more than during regular sexual excitement, as if you are blushing. I don't know if you can actually fake this.
  • There are other signs that a guy who knows his girl's sexual responses could possibly tell if it was a faked orgasm or not.


But really, don't fake it because if he can tell he may feel lied to, and if he can't tell he is going to think he is doing something right which will end up hurting you and him both when the sexual part of your relationship suffers, and possibly pours over into other aspects of your relationship.

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don't worry if he hasn't made you orgasm yet.

i always read advice like "make yourself orgasm first". but if you don't regularly masterbate (or like me never really can get into it on your own) then you're not doomed.

my current bf is the first to ever make me orgasm. and i'm 23 now lol! so from ages 18-22 i never had one and envied women who seemed to cum on their own or with a few touches.


we got there with a bit of experimenting and different techniques. for me it was oral which got me to the point of O. haha and to think: i used to HATE oral (self conscious and also no guy ever really did it well).


-don't focus on it, or it doesn't happen.

-also, maybe give him help by telling him how to touch you and by having him tease you alot so you're really in the mood. (e.g. let him just kiss you alot, and use his tongue and hands everywhere accept down there).

-after you have your first orgasm it happens more frequently if he's doing it right.

-the wetter you are or his fingers are when he touches you the better.

-try and help him out by moving your hips.



as for faking orgasms: they don't seem to be hard to fake. not that i've done it.

i'd feel really self conscious faking it. but i'd say moan loud. and beathe hard. like the pornos (as someone mentioned). i usually begin grinding with my hips too when i'm getting there.

i've heard there are other tell tale signs like a girls clitoris retracting inside (?). and the famous "squirting". though not all orgasms involve fluids being expelled.


what i wonder most about is: how do guys manage to spot a faker?

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God, trust me... don't get a guy THINKING he's doing the right thing...you're doomed

haha! i agree with this. if he thinks he's doing the right thing, he'll feel great and keep doing the same b/c he thinks you LIKE. when really it may be doing nothing for u.

and chances are he won't bother experimenting with other ways to get u there.

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what i wonder most about is: how do guys manage to spot a faker?


How can you tell when someone is lying to you? Same concept. Some people are good liars, others aren't. It probably takes the same basic ability to pull off successfully.


Not saying it can't be done successfully, but why do it?

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There are a few physical give aways that an orgasm is real or not. Like you said it can be faked but you shouldn't do it still. One mean way for a guy to possibly tell is during her orgasm just stop and ruin it for her. If it is a real orgasm she will likely be very irritated, if not it probably won't bother her to much. But if it was and you do such a thing to ruin it, it may backfire on you later.

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One thing that makes it difficult to tell though, is that even though these signs may exist, during a sexual act you usually aren't looking for them. I mean how many guys are going to check the heart rate or contraction timings of their gf during sexual activities and such, or check for the flushness of the skin or nipples, etc?

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Faking it basically encompasses not having an orgasm but expressing yourself as if you are having one - e.g. breathing heavily, moaning, and getting your breathing and moaning to reach a climax, sounding like you're really enjoying yourself, etc.


A lot of females never experience real orgasms during sexual intercourse.

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