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It's 2009 - A New Beginning!


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So were fastly approaching another New Year...2009


With the New Year just around the corner I have come up with some "Resolutions" to ring in 2009...maybe resolutions is the wrong word I've come up with my own little inspiration list of promises to myself...and I'm sharing it here...


I will face each new day as a blank page in the diary of my life. The pen is in my hand, waiting for me to write the very best book I can. I'll have pages on understanding and tales of overcoming hardships. I will be able to fill my story with romance, adventure, learning and laughter. Making each chapter reflect time well spent.


I will try harder to meet my obligations, but I will always take time to greet my aspirations. If I can live up to my potential, I'll never have to live down any disappointment.


I will remember: Goodness will be rewarded. Smiles will pay me back. To have fun. Find strength. Be truthful. Have faith. Won't focus on the things I lack.

I realize that family and friends are the treasures in life, and happiness is the wealth. I want to have a story about doing my best each day, and ...the rest will take care of itself.


I will follow my hopes and dreams while I can. When the chance comes my way. I won't be a ship that stays in the harbor, never straying from it's safety. I won't get tangled up with "maybe...maybe someday." Too many folks will tell me that if I spend my whole life waiting, "someday" arrives too little, too late Maybe it's already a little later than it seems. If I really want to do it, I must do it while I can.

I must be brave...and sail away to my dreams.

I really do believe that dreams can come true, if I take the time to think about what I want in life. If I get to know myself, find out who I am, choose my goals carefully and be honest with myself, the dreams will be easier to obtain. I am trying harder to believe in myself (especially if I expect others to).


I need to find some hobbies and pursue them, figure out what's important to me and what I am good at. I must learn not to fear making mistakes and work hard to achieve successes. When things are not going right, I won't give up -- I'll try harder. I have to give myself freedom to try new things, laugh and have a good time.


I have completed my social cleansing...I have disassociated myself from many many many people...(should you find yourself in one of these categories, I'm sorry it's come to this but really, did you not see it coming?)


The Drama Creation friends - There are those who are all about the drama. Be it in their lives or yours or really anyones. I don't have the time for this and to be honest I think those people have always been that way. I'm truly surprised I had the time for you ever... but it is my nature to be empathetic and listen. However a person can only take so much.


Then there's the friends that just refuse to grow up. Like we're stuck in high school. I can't see the enjoyment in sitting around with a group of friends, baking out, playing hours upon hours of video games, getting drunk daily or even weekly, or worse...unemployed, working when you aren't too busy doing various chemical drugs chasing a high you will never find again...seriously think about it...we aren't getting any younger! GROW UP!


Then there are those who only wish to "date" you, and I use the term "date" loosely. They find fault in any and all relationships you have or could have because you are no longer available to them for their own manipulations. They are selfish little people that cannot be happy for the love and joy you may have found in your life and will do anything to try to make you see the negative too. There's the the one's that expect you to cheat or walk away without a second thought. I can't forget the ex's, the married friends and the like, this one boggles my mind...if I wasn't good enough for you when we tried to be together or before you married, what the hell makes you think that I would want to be the other woman or the friend with benefits now!? Seriously ex's are ex's for a reason and I WILL NOT be your f*kc friend, your mistress, your dirty little secret. I am certainly worth more then that degrading little status.


Let it be known... I AM HAPPIER THEN I HAVE EVER BEEN!!!! Keith and I have our moments when things are rough, but you tell me one couple who doesn't! We have always worked them out and come together better and stronger We love each other and I WILL NOT cheat...EVER!


I don't need a large number of friends to define me... my good friends already do that I already do that for myself. If you have been removed you likely fall into a category above...think about it, make change and contact me in a few years!


I have decided to let down that wall and open myself up to love. I intend to propose to Keith while we are away in February, it's time for us to be a real family!


I will be appreciative of all that I have! Live life to the fullest, create my own dreams and follow them until they are reality....




Thanks for reading!

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