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Maintaining concentration in the workplace


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Evening folks, haven't posted on here for a while but i couldn't think of a better place.


Ever since i finished my education and started full time employment, i have noticed that it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to maintain concentration. Generally this affects my working life more than other aspects and it has become increasingly detrimental over the last few years.


I have a menial job (office admin) but it is within an organisation that is incredibly diverse and offers a variety of opportunities. Even though i am far from happy with my position i am fully aware of the benefits if i can apply myself. But here is the problem. I sit at my desk, trying to absorb all this information but for the life of me i simply cannot seem to take any of it in. I begin reading but when i reach the end of the page i realise my mind has been somewhere else entirely. I find that i am having to re-read paragraphs numerous times to get the gist of what they are saying. In all honesty, after a number of years in the same department, i still am not really sure what we actually do! Even when chatting to work colleagues, i find myself drifting out of the conversation.

Obviously the fact that i do not really enjoy the work we do contributes to this problem but if i could just get a grip on things i would have the opportunity to move on and find something else. I worked well in the somewhat structured and linear working environment of school and college but i sometimes feel out of my depth here.


Even when chatting to work colleagues, i find myself drifting out of the conversation.


So anyone suffer from the same problem? And do you have any tips?

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Does the organisation offer anything that would challenge you more? Could you apply for an internal job?


Maybe you are not being challenged enough?


Have you got a development plan with clear objectives?


I get the impression you are lacking interest in what you do, hence you are unable to focus.


Have you had any time off recently? Maybe a big change would work wonders?

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