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Pretty odd sex question


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I had a friend confide in me that he is turned on when his GF watches him urinate. I have no idea how this topic came up, and I acted as if it was not shocking and slightly changed the subject. But I am wondering what is the psychology of this? Why is it a turn on? What is he getting out of this? What is SHE getting out of this? He said some BS about being closer to the person because she is partaking in something that is usually done alone, so it is a higher form of sharing. Can anyone else enlighten me on this subject?

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I have a limited background in abnormal pyschology, but here goes:


First, there are a lot of websites dedicated to pictures and videos of that kind of stuff. (I mean there is internet garbage for everything). He could have gotten sort of curious and developed an interest in it thay way.


I cannot remember what the DSM calls this type of sexual interest, but it would be considered a sexual deviation.


Really the concern is over why he would tell you this. Do you guys talk about sex a lot, is that comfortable? The context of the comment is important.


Otherwise, he's just a guy with a fetish. Many people have them; they can be kinda weird. The DSM has tons of really strange classifications for sexual deviation. lol


Farts, poop, voyeurism, food, blood... ya.

It gets kind of gross.


As long as the gf is ok with it, they aren't doing anything wrong.

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He said some BS about being closer to the person because she is partaking in something that is usually done alone, so it is a higher form of sharing.


He's probably not bsing you there. I know that tying someone up really gets a sense of attachment out of me that's insane.


It's a fetish, and a pretty harmless one as it goes. However, it's a fetish and if you don't get it, you don't get it.

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So he's in to water sports/golden showers? Not the first, won't be the last. He should discuss this with his gf and see what she says.

The bathroom is where you're at your most vulnerable/open/alone...you're doing something which is seen as private...(I don't share this turn on, so am just running with what he said, probably talking rubbish)...or it could be something else. Explaining your own turn ons is hard enough without trying to explain someone else's

Why he told you? Maybe he just needed to get it off his chest, and didn't want to freak his gf out/ruin the relationship if she reacted badly? Maybe he wanted to share, he's being feeling ashamed of it and thought you'd be the best person to open up to? Maybe he wanted to freak you out? Who knows?

It isn't completely out there in terms of fetishes and is legal, nowt to worry about in my opinion

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Wait wait.. I think people are making a bigger deal out of this than it really is.


He just likes the idea of his GF watching while he pees? Now, my wife and I see each other do it.. it's no big deal and neither gets a sexual thrill.. but even my wife spoke of how she likes that we can, as an indication of intimacy.


Did he say its a precursor to sex? Like a form of foreplay?

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Hi. It is foreplay for him. It is a turn on for him ( from what he told me) We are good friends and I am not "the judging type" so I think he did want to, in a way, "get it off his chest". I just didn't understand. Being the "good friend" I listened and gave him support but still. I was a little curious about it. But i think what you said was right, it is legal, it isn't hurting anyone, so what ever works for him is ok. Maybe I am not meant to understand everything.

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Yeah, I guess if it's all mutual then....


But inquiring minds want to know so I checked all this fetish stuff out like the poo and pee thing. I appears to be quite an Industry. A lot of sites dedicated to supplying/selling apparel, apparatus, toys for people into that.


Once again times must have really changed. I'd never think of telling a buddy, (let alone a woman friend) I was into that. Is nothing private anymore? I feel like such a stinkin' Dinosaur these days. LOL



Ever thought it turns him on telling you about it? Kind of like Voyeurism?

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