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Online practice dates for the shy guy?


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I know there's the Cyber-relationships section but this is more from a shy guy's perspective and Online dating (imo) is the most realistic option that they will take in what I'm describing.


Incase you haven't seen I'm one of those guys who hasn't had anything even close to a single date (and all the later stuff like girlfriends, kiss, hug, sex, etc.). And at the moment, just for me, I'm struggling a little bit to find my own identity to target how I can be more outgoing.


In the mean time, I've been told, rarely, but still by a couple of people, maybe we need "practice girls" to get experience, iron out the basic 1st date faux pars, build confidence and help come out of the shell we are in. Ofcourse even they recognise it sounds sleazy which generally for a shy guy they will think goes against the morales a bit, even my own. Has that connotation of "using" someone.


But as you can guess, I'm starting to think about it. I mean assuming you don't sell yourself out (ignoring the fact you created a profile in the first place, lol) in that maybe you'll only wait for messages, or only message people you truly think are a good fit, do you think it's a good idea? Cos, just from what I see and read so no offence or anything, first relationships generally don't seem to last anyway. On a side note I do have my own shy/embarrassment based reservations about online dating.


Just a thought anyway. Anybody have any thoughts on this?

You could summarise it as mulling your beliefs (e.g. I want to meet a girl not on the premise of dating them), and having no expectations in getting anything from any meet ups you happen to do from online.

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The problem with online dating is you still have to get the dates


Well yeah , but depending on how shy the person is even a few chats might prove useful (hopefully in a good way)


Best way to practice is just to go on "dates." Most of them don't go beyond the first meeting anyway....so don't worry about it.


That's what I mean, but the point is for some first dates are easy but relationships hard, for others even a first date is "impossible".

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