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So my ex gf and I talked a week ago. We are a couple that even though we are broken up the attraction is still there and we play games with each other. Well the other week when we talked I tried to be straight up and asked if she wanted to get some lunch. She tried telling me I wasnt on her way (she lives four hours out of my way) I said its no problem if i get to see you. She was says I dont want you to go out of your way, I said it is whatever if you dont want me to come then just tell me.

Thats when she called me out on being very frank about it. Then I brought up an old fight that has been on my mind, and she said it was still annoying her. I said I had a couple months to think about it, and I was trying to move on with another girl. Yes I told her that. Then she started asking me about the girl and what happened. I told her.

After that she says yes we can meet up for lunch but, she is now back together with this other guy (a guy she was with for a bit after me). I was supportive when she told me that, and ended it with her saying "i hope it works out for you two", she says "we will see"

That was it. I deleted her from my facebook, her number and havent talked since.

Should i keep off the contact and just move on. I think she might be lying about the guy to see how i reacted or to make me jealous cause i told her about the girl. I didnt go their for lunch. What should I do?

I am tempted to just tell her straight up how I feel one last time but I dont even know if i deserve to.

Any advice will be most appreciated!

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sometimes you can have all of the attraction and strong feelings in the world for someone but that still isn't enough to make a relationship work between the two of you.


it's a sad but true fact of life.


of course, that being said, it's still a very difficult thing to go through.


most people after a breakup have to go through a couple of awkward encounters with the ex before they are finally ready to let go.....


this probably isn't what you want to do but that's my advice. best wishes to you!

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If you do choose to talk to her one last time make it in person so you can see her face and feel her emotions. This is pretty important so it must be in person. Rehashing old fights over the phone is a bad idea. Learning to resolve conflicts in a relationship is something we all have to learn....sometimes the hard way.




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