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How to prepare? All night sporting event.


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Next week I am in an all night volleyball tournament. We will be playing from 7:00 pm - 7:00 am.


I've never done one of these all night sporting events. I'm just wondering if there are any strategies to best prepare for the event and for the next morning.


On the day of the tournament I work from 9:00 - 4:00.. I plan to come home and sleep for as long as humanly possible. Then eat a bunch of food, then off to play.


Are there any changes to my sleeping habits this week that will help me on Sat?

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Congratulations on the moxy it takes to even consider all all night volleyball tourney. But what a blast!


I can't speak for you but I know for me, there are few changes to my body clock that can occur in one week. My number one strategy would simply be to not get behind on sleep during the week prior. Going into that marathon with a sleep deficit would be problematic for me.


Beyond that, I would personally very carefully monitor my blood glucose during the prior week, avoiding the spikes coming from processed sugars and foods. Those make you tired(er).


Finally, right before playing, take a bath in a Starbucks!


Good luck.

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