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they found out I gambled


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Thats too bad they reacted like that when you were looking for support in quitting gambling. It's a setback, but at least you're not hiding anything anymore. I hope you find success in quitting!


I went to a casino once & hated it. The machine kept eating my $1 bills & wouldn't give them back. I felt like I might as well have flushed them down the toilet. I left $6 later.


The trouble is those few times you win; that is what keeps you coming back. I just look at it statistically... there are a heck of a lot more people that lose a lot of money than win it. That is why casinos generally don't file bankruptcy.

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It is an addiction plan and simple. I understand the rush, the bells, the lights, the action of winning a thousand or two at once.


It is like any other addiction, so don't let your parents claim it as lack of willpower.


Good luck, and worry about yourself and not what your parents narrow minded view are.

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An addiction is an addiction regardless of what it is, can't believe your parents just called it a lack of wheel power.


I really can't believe a parent would disown their own child when they had an addiction problem without atleast trying to help them first. Sorry

Just try to focus on yourself and making yourself better and get over this gambling addiction you have. Good luck.

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