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Breaking NC----Not Worth It.

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For those of you have read my posts, I had been on NC for 13 days. I thought I had healed enough to at least begin LC with my ex, but I wasn't sure, so I took the first step of unblocking her on my facebook, but not sending her a friend request. I know I don't want to be in a relationship with her again, but I thought we could at least be on good terms. Well, the next day, guess who sent me a friend request. Uh-huh.


However, yesterday and today, we would be okay talking, and then we would begin to argue again. So, I just decided to delete her again from my facebook. I don't think I'm quite ready to be friends with her again. 13 days of NC is actually a pretty short amount of time, so I think Ill go for a while longer yet. I don't have any romantic feelings towards her anymore, I know that, but some of the anger and resentment from the breakup and post break-up period still linger. Plus, she still has the same attitude that it was really my fault, and she "shouldn't have to feel bad because she's had her heart broken before as well". It really ticks me off.


For those of you are are going with NC, keep going with it. Believe me, you'll want to break it, but it really isn't worth all the trouble and heartache that will come of it. Just keep going, and you will find the right person one day. I know I will.

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yup 2 weeks of NC. I'm in your corner there buddy. Same situation as for the Facebook dilemma goes. I've deleted her and made sure that I do my best not to visit her page.


As for healing, just do whatever you can to make yourself happy. I'm kinda in that stage where I realize that getting back should not be the option that I'm seeking.


Stay strong brotha

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Hey huskiesfan,


Yeah, 13 days of NC is just the beginning. Way too soon! The important thing here is you tried and it didn't work out. Now, you know what you have to do, right!? Right! Block her from all angles and keep it like that. Don't look back..just keep on going. Continue this and see how strong you will grow!


I've been NC for about 5 months I think. It's going to stay the way she wanted when she threw me out...me out of her life! That's why everyone here encourages NC as soon as they post for advice. It takes time to understand why NC is so important. You just went throught it and now you understand it entirely!


Good for you and stay strong! Good luck in 2009 Know that there are bigger and better things coming your way! Have faith and be patient. Things will fall into place. Take care.



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You are so right! I broke NC and talked to my ex for about 10 minutes (We only broke up last week.) It was awkward and I started to doubt myself, and think that I was ruining any chance for the future, and once that started I started thinking maybe that is what caused the problem . . . It is a negative spiral that doesn't help.


I am back on NC and wrote down a note for my phone and PC reminding me why I need to adhere to it until I am in a better place and can handle seeing her image, name etc . . . without the feelings. Hang in there!

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