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Good Bye


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The tears running down my face

Like rain from the sky

Tears no where to hide

Only leaving the pain hidden inside


Love so full of joy and pain

Rain to wash away the hurt

Tears left as a mask for joy

The pain hidden deeper inside


Many mistakes to many to count

Myself to blame for the pain

I loved her to much and that was more than

She could take


Left alone in my tears I sit

Alone after years of content

She tried hard to love

She tried hard to forgive

But my hurt I deserve


Like a jail I sit in my tears

Left to be miserable left to hurt

I cry every night, I cry every day

Unlike the rain the tears never go away


My life I would give, My soul I would sell

For my heart to be whole, for my heart to heal

I love her so and for ever will

But for now I sit

Alone in my hell

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