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so apparently i'm a loud snorer, and it has somewhat of an effect on my current relationship, we're not able to get close to each other when we sleep, he sleeps on his side of the bed and i sleep on my side.


we went out for my birthday friday, booked a bed and breakfast place for the night, he woke me up at 4am noticeable frustrated from lack of sleep, so i tried to give him some distance, that didnt seem to work.


i hate that we have to be apart when we're in bed because of this.


i didnt even know i snored until a year ago, a guy i was seeing before him slept over at my place and told me that i snore, i didnt believe him so he recorded me the next night he slept over and i was really turned off by it, shocked really..


i mean its not like i can control it. if i could keep it to a minimum i would.


anyone know of any cost effective ways to minimize this problem.


if so im all 'ears'

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I hear nasal strips are pretty effective, since they open up the nasal passage and decrease nasal congestion. You can get them at places like Walmart or Meijer.


Sleeping on your stomach more often is another way to stop snoring, although it probably won't completely stop it, it is less likely that you will snore in this position. Also, sleeping on too many pillows can narrow the nasal passage, so try sleeping on one, low pillow.

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I snore alot and my bf is a very light sleeper/insommiac. I sometimes try and wait for him to sleep first then tuck in, or I make an effort to sleep on my side at all times which does help. We also noticed that if I drink alot, my throat relaxes making me snore, so I try to keep an eye for that.


I've tried nasal strips, herbal remedies and even mouth guards and now we just can't be bothered! If I have a cold or hayfever I also make the decision to sleep on the couch, I don't mind because I know that I'll be snoring loudly.


Otherwise he's sort of use to it, sometimes though (maybe once a week) he'll wake me up really annoyed, I mean, even I wake myself up snoring!! LOL


Other things I do sometimes is to hug together and then go to the couch, and then in the morning hop into his bed again to hug together, as we wake up. Sometimes you need to get your sleep!!!


Good luck!

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