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My girlfriends EX


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So I have you been in a relationship for a month in a half, but we have been unofficial for almost 3 months. We are both freshman in college and see each other every day. We get along well, at times we have our small conflicts but its nothing big. It is my first major relationship, but its not her first one.


She has an ex boyfriend that she used to see on and off for two years, but she has not seen him since college started. She dated another guy for a couple a months in high school and that relationship ended. Then went back to her ex because she wasnt over him. She told me that they continued to have sex while they were friends before college started.


My issue is that recently he, who is single, tried to spark several converstations with her. And my girlfriend said that it was cool and they would be friends again but nothing more. Now, I dont feel very comfortable with this because of previous patterns. My girlfriend is ok with them being friends again, but i wasnt, so i told her and she said it was nothing and not to worry about it. I continued to feel uncomfortable about this and she said she would not talk to him for now and she told me not to get mad if they check up with each other in the future, but i still feel uncomfortable. This matter has been bothering me a lot. Should I be worrying about this? Some advice would be apreciated, thanks.

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To me, it sounds like neither one of them is being shady or anything like that. They don't have a history of cheating, and she was honest with you about talking to him as friends again. She stopped talking to him for you but I think it's reasonable for them to say what's up every once in a while, if they aren't talking continuously. I understand that it makes you uncomfortable, so all you can do is what you did before and talk to her about it CALMLY and tell her how you feel. But the worst thing you could do is act all jealous and out of control about it. It will only drive her away. I would just try not to worry so much about it because it doesn't seem like your girlfriend is trying to let anything happen.

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