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Becoming Distant


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Ok, so me and my bf have been together 8 months, we love each other etcetc. My problem lies here, usually all we do is talk, well a lot of the time, like when im on break at work we text, when im home he's either at mine or we're on MSN, Phone etc. But I dont know, since New Years Eve, we've barely talked and despite me asking if we are growing apart he denies that we are. I mean I dont wanna break up with the guy so i really dont know what to do.




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Maybe its been overkill for the last little while.

Leave some space to let the relationship grow a little. You can smother the relationship, and for some people and some relationships TOO much can cause the opposite effect of what you want.


Take a step back, cut back on the talking, give yourselves a day break here and there..allow some space to miss each other and build back up the desire to talk and see each other.


Its a common problem and easily fixable.

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