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Something I learned today.

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I went round to an older and wiser friend's house today with the intention of just having a chat.


Just home, and I've had the most amazing day. I feel so much more relaxed. She did the whole meditative ''imagine you are walking in a meadow'' thing on me and it really worked. She also listened to the (small-on-the-grand-scale-of-things-but-still very-annoying issues I have - mostly to do with my ex and my mother) and gave me good advice.


But most importantly, she made me realise that anxiety and worrying is a habit. Sure, for some people it is the manifestation of a chemical imbalance or the aftermath of trauma - don't get me wrong, I'm aware of that.


However, small to moderate anxiety can simply be a habit. My mother is chronically anxious and this rubbed off on me at a young age. Living with someone who is constantly fretting and worrying can be contagious. I finally realised that today. Yes - of course I have to deal with any major problems that may arise in my life - but in terms of those small, niggling anxieties that pop up during the day...I can choose to switch them off. So much stress is simply a state of mind.


I'm so glad I realised this today. I've realised I don't have to be influenced by my mum's anxiety. I'm proud of my introspective nature, but I don't have to let it overpower me. I don't have to spend every minute alone, or every time I go outside for a cigarette, or every time I go for a walk, asking myself ''am I ok? WHat do I think about this problem?''. If there is a problem worth thinking about, I'll know!


She also tought me to examine myself physically when I am stressed. To unclench my fists, to uncurl my toes and to literally relax every muscle in my body. I know everyone says this, but very few people take the time to actually do it. Try it! It works!


Thought I'd share the nice day I had

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