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Am I wrong to get annoyed?


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My friend, who lives in another state, and I had been planning on meeting up on skype last night. She was out with a couple of mates but was going to text me when she got home in the evening.


Around 5 or so last night I got a call from another friend, asking me if I wanted to join her for dinner and a movie. I declined, as I already had the above mentioned plans with my other friend.


I sat at home waiting and then quite late in the evening I got a text saying she would be late and had to cancel our meeting. I felt a bit irritated as I had been sitting at home the whole evening waiting. I didn't reply to her text and later got another text which I just gave a short reply to.


I feel a bit disappointed because it isn't the first time we've made plans and she's cancelled in similar ways. Am I wrong to get a bit annoyed by this or should I understand that "far away" friends get a lower priority?


I like her a lot and she's been supportive of me so I feel guilty for feeling like this. But I guess I sometimes feel like I'm all right for her as long as something better doesn't come along.


Am I expecting too much?

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This was an online meeting? I think you are being a little unreasonable, as it could be rescheduled quite easily, but I understand your disappointment. I am afraid that if I had been you, I would have got in touch with my friend, explained that I had the chance to go out, and rescheduled another time.


Sorry, I think going out on a Saturday night would probably be the option I went for, but checking it out first and asking if it were okay, rather than leaving it until later in the evening.


I'm sorry you're upset, but if she's a good friend, I would cut her some slack. It's the last weekend before we all go back to work/school, so maybe she just needed to have fun. You can always talk to her on Skype this week?

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I can understand why you're upset. I can't help but feel guilty now...I myself have made a lot of promises to my friends in the states (I moved to Australia 2 years ago) regarding keeping in touch, but I was always terrible at keeping in touch even when I was around them. Has your friend always had similar issues, or is it just because of the distance?


At the same time, maybe it would be best if you two simply kept your communication to emails? Emails can be picked up at any time, so it's easier and much more convenient.


I think that you should tell her how you feel. Tell her that you really want to speak with her, that you're feeling a bit neglected. I'm sure that if you're straight out with her, she will be more considerate to your feelings. Well, ideally, right? If it happens again, you may just want to keep your conversations, as I said before, to emails.


Some people are simply not any good at keeping in touch, and trust me I know what I'm talking about.I wouldn't take it personally.It may just be that you need to shift your focus to your other friends.

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