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Clit/Orgasm Questions


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Okay, whenever my boyfriend touches my clit, it makes my legs twitch. Like with every rub, making me look stupid, plus it's really annoying. I have never gotten off by just clit stimulation like that, or by a guy using his hand down there. I have to pretty much hump something, lol. I can't even use my own hand to get me off! And, I have never had an orgasm while being on bottom before. I have to be on top, and have him put his hand down there in order for me to, but I have came once by him going down on me, and I can by "sitting on his face". Hope this isn't TMI. But I never can by just normal sex and being on bottom. It feels good but no matter what, never have! And I can only have one orgasm, and then it's like I am done. I have never been able to orgsam more than once, except for a long one if my g-spot was hit. Has this happened to anyone else? I think I am just wired all wrong...

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Nope I am the same way. I do NOT like it when I am stimulated on my clit by a finger because most of the time it is WAY too hard for me. It just feels weird to me. I can't get off by being on the bottom. The only way is either by oral or being on top with stimulation.


After I have one orgasm, I don't want anymore. LOL I don't know why that is though.


I feel the same way. I'm jealous of those can get off on penetration alone. LOL

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My legs tend to twitch like CRAZY. My boyfriend seems to think it's cute though, luckily. I guess he likes seeing that he's having that much of an effect on me

I also have never gotten off from penetration alone, but I've been close while on top. Receiving oral though...amazing. It took some getting used to, but it's the best thing I've found so far! Fingers...could take them or leave them, it's just clumsy. My own are alright though.

Everybody has different tastes and preferences, you're definitely not abnormal.

You do have to give some direction to get what you want, however, and don't be shy about it! If you let him think what he's doing is right when it isn't, he'll just keep on doing it the way he has been, more likely than not.

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Oh wow, I am so glad to hear that I am not made wrong! ha ha, thank you so much to everyone for their answers, I will give more direction when I see him on wednesday...been over a week without sex so we will go at it like crazy! But on a different note, has anyone ever tried those orgasm pills from places like Lover's or Castles? I bought some that I will try out. The lady said they work the best. Just wanna see what happens with em.

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Whenever my SO uses his hands it hurts my clit...i try to tell him gently but it doesn't seem to work...

as for the rest sounds like you are doing all right...some people don't get off from sex at all...

I would work on making yourself cum with your hands tho...

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