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My bf asked me to marry him


I said yes, of course


At the moment I am in Boston for the semester (leaving for home today actually). We arranged it such that he'd come to pick me up. He arrived on Christmas Day, and after two days of just staring at each other, talking, not being able to stop touching each other all the time, there was this spontaneous moment in which there was a box with a ring, a question, and before I knew it I was wearing the ring and we were engaged.




We plan on getting married in fall '09. I am soo happy.



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Thanks guys. Still can't believe it, now I understand why there is a ring involved in this thing- as a reminder of happiness lol.


We thought fall to be best because we both are not fans of the summer and spring is too fast. I think September is beautiful, it's always one of my favourite times of the year because the world wakes up after summer again.

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