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Rejected after revealing feelings..so hurt


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I'm a sophmore and i've been liking a senior since the beginning of freshman year.He doesn't know who I am..Well he didn't until I told him that I "liked" him on facebook the first time[on this thing where you can talk to ppl. anonymously].He didn't answer so I did it again but this time I said that I "loved" him.I know that was a stupid thing to do but I didn't know what else to do.He talked to me each time until I told him who I was.I feel like a complete idiot and I just want to move past this.I don't even know him but I can't stop thinking about him.I've never even talked to him.It sucks. check his facebook all the time just to see if he's still single!..He's been single for awhile[at least that's what his profile said]..and well yesterday he updated his status and it says he's married to ____.When I saw that I couldnt help but cry b/c whenever I think of him with someone else I feel helpless.I knew this would happen sooner or later but I didn't know it would hurt so much.All I do is think about how much better than me she probaly is.I tried to talk to family and friends about it but i've been talking about so long that they don't listen anymore and they constantly tell me that it's not love.Idk.How could you care so much about somebody you don't know?I need help

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Sounds like infatuation. I don't know anyone who DIDN'T go through that in school. Truth is, you just gotta move on and meet more people. There have to be tons of guys who would be an interest to you after getting to know them. If you've never even talked to the guy, it's not worth your time to feel sad about.

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SunshineGirl's right, it sounds like you're just infatuated.


When I was your age, I had the BIGGEST crush on this one guy. He barely talked to me, we just knew each other through hockey, and yet I felt like I was in love with him, he was "the one", etc. I would cry at the thought of him not liking me back and get insanely jealous thinking about him being with a different girl. Hell, I was almost stalker-esque, always looking for him at the carpool lane afterschool and hunting him down at hockey games so I could talk to him, and so on...


It passed eventually, and now I think he's a nice guy but I have no romantic interest in him whatsoever, and have long since moved onto greener pastures.


Don't worry, things will get better! Your hormones are going crazy, which is part of the fun of being a teenager. Just hold tight and remember this isn't the end of the world. In not too long you'll be looking back at this guy and wondering what you ever saw in him!

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I agree on the infatuation. Lord knows I still had bouts of infatuation not too long ago!


Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry you're feeling so bad. I know that saying you will get over this doesn't really help, cause at this moment it doesn't feel like there's much to look forward to. I've revealed to many-a-boy in my time that I liked them, only to be disappointed and have a chunk taken out of my ego.


There was a boy in college that I thought I loved.He was in my animation class, and I always admired his sensitivty. Then he wound up in my Mexican art history class, and we chatted and sat next to eachother as we knew eachother.I went to gallery openings I otherwise would never have wanted to go to for the simple fact that he MIGHT be there. When he didn't show up in class, my entire night dragged by slower than a visit to the dentist's office. After a long while and one awkward group study session (LOL), I revealed to him how I felt. Of course, I was rejected. And about a month later I saw him outside of class and he introduced me to a girl that was with him. When I look back on it now, I realised that he must have had feelings for her, and his way of explaining this to me was by introducing me to her. He was always very gentlemanly and nice. Looking back now, all I can think of are his awful, embarrassing tennis shoes. And I feel sad, too, because I think, I went to these gallery openings at which my friends were, and basically ignored them because I spent so much time worrying about this boy and looking good around him. What a waste, you know?


I hope you find some comfort in knowing that others have gone through this, and though it's tough, you will slowly be able to move on.

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