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Does she like me?


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Ok its kinda a long story so hang in there plz.


Back in nov i was introduced 2 this one girl names amber. My dad had her show me how 2 play darts or try neway lol. Well something snapped inside me n i ended up gettin feelings 4 her that night already. Few weeks l8r my dad asked if she has a bf and she went "awww yea i do" n told me 2 come down more. Well fast forward now a few weeks the bf is gone. So i asked 4 a movie date n she goes yea n we trade #s. Then she invited me 2 come to a local gun club 4 new years so i went. Half way through the night i told her that she looked very pretty n said talkin bout movie if shed be there she said probably yea. Then i went n asked bout 12 o clock kiss she goes "maybe well see" n is all smiley/ smirking 12 came around n she kept moving on me lol. Went to huge her mom n dad n bathroom. Im not fast cause of my handicap u think she up 2 ne games or whats up?


Im not good at understanding girls really shes only the 2nd girl ive gone after.

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"12 came around n she kept moving on me lol"


So wait... did you kiss?


I'd say she's interested. But perhaps you were too forward with the kiss comment? I mean her parents were there and it wasn't even really your first date.


But it seems she likes you. She gave you her number and she took initiative to call you and invite you. Just call her and ask her on a date. I don't recommend movies unless you think she'll like that, it's hard to get to know someone at a movie date. But then again, you already know each other so it's your call.

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[quote name=Be happy!


So wait... did you kiss? [/quote]


No i couldnt talk load enough over her dads band to get her attention. Got my dad 2 get a hold of her and just gave her a hug be4 I left.


We already have a date a day hasnt been picked yet see cause of my crash I cant drive yet n idt she can either. Going 2 talk 2 her more tomorrow I hope.

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